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Poetry and the Art of Nursing

Excerpts from "Poetry and the Art of Nursing", by Maggie Kramper, FNP, RN and Stanley Thawley, MD. The full article can be found in ORL - Head and Neck Nursing, Spring 2009, Volume 27, Number 2.

This article explores the concept that nursing and poetry are art forms, demonstrates the similarities between poetry and nursing, and proposes that appreciation of each of these art forms enhances the pleasures to be found in both.  

What is Poetry?Nursing silhouettePoetry is a picture
Which paints a
Thousand words.
If Love could speak
I'm sure you'd hear poetic sounds.
Have you ever listened
To the rhythm
Of the sea?
The sea is a poem
Within itself.
Have you ever really thought
Just what is a tear?
It's not merely a drop of water.
It's deep and genuine 
And most of all it's real.
Poetry is real
It's a piece of your heart
Crying to be heard.
Poetry is a piece of your life
Saved and locked
In time.
by Maggie Kramper

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mother and Son
Holding him beyond tiredness, his day
Lingers late on a thin silver moon.
Between holding on and letting go,
He is ready for the night's quiet breath.
In Mary's arms by a window of light
At that perfect place of mother and son,
She guides him among candle quiet stars,
A holy path between darkness and home,
Leading him in soft pastures of safe sleep.
by Stan Thawley

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mother in the Nursing Home
In a holding pattern
With flaps down
She circles the field
Her journey almost over

Alone in her low clouds
Glazed eyes searching home
The porch lights are on
Father at the door.
by Stan Thawley

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

First Snowing
Slowly the first few flakes now soften down
Like faint fluttering wings of small white doves.
They come dream drifting smooth as soft slippers
by Stan Thawley