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RyanRyan R., a very active 30 year-old, lives in the St. Louis area where sinus infections are almost as common as the cold. Over the past five years, Ryan’s sinus problems turned into a chronic condition – bringing his life, work and daily workouts to an abrupt halt – four to five times a year.

“With each onset I would go to my regular doctor for a prescription, but I would still be out of commission and feel miserable for a week-to-ten days,” he explained. “It was annoying to have to miss so much work, but I’m also a marathon and triathlon competitor. My daily workouts include a combination of running, swimming, biking or weight lifting exercises to get me in top physical shape for these races. Being unable to breathe properly or feeling too ill to work out at all, put me at a real disadvantage in my training regimen and on race days.”

After watching her son go through the same miserable cycle each year, Ryan’s mom suggested he try a sinus specialist and surgeon – Dr. Anne Getz at Washington University. Upon his first visit, Ryan was given an antibiotic prescription and counseled to start using a sinus rinse for hydration and cleansing, plus a nasal allergy symptom relief medication at his first sign of nasal congestion symptoms. That was January, 2009 and Ryan hasn’t had a sinus infection since.