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Ask the Expert
Considered as experts in the field of otolaryngology - head and neck surgery, the specialists at the Washington University Sinus Institute offer a complete range of services from nasal allergy testing to complex skull base surgery with an emphasis on compassionate patient care. 

Here are some informative answers to patients' questions discussed during office consultations and links to a short biography on each featured physician.
  • Pediatric Snoring

    "My five-year-old daughter snores very loudly at night and I am often checking to make sure she is breathing okay. I have noticed that she has some inability in focusing. Should I be worried?

    Answered by
    Dr. M. Allison Ogden

  • Sinus Salt Water Rinses

    "My mother had sinus surgery and uses a Neti pot to rinse out her nose with salt water. I get lots of sinus infections. Would salt water rinses help me?"

    Answered by Dr. Nick Debnath

  • Sinus Infections

    "I get lots of colds. Sometimes the congestion and presssure in my face is so bad that I have to miss work. How do I know when I should see an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist?"

    Answered by Dr. Anne Getz


"After years of sinus infections, I am considering sinus surgery. What should I expect and will surgery cure my sinus problems?"

Answered by Dr. Nick Debnath